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January 15, 2018

How it’s Made

Based in Milano, the city known for design and fashion, we turn our Italians values and our passion for style into real world cutting edge products.
Our mission is to combine cutting edge technology with iconic design and unique materials crafted in Italy. To do so we created a valuable network of great Italian craftsmen who inherited their skill from their fathers and grandfather.
Located in the so called Italian manufacturing triangle – Milano, Verona, Venezia – our suppliers work wood and marble according to a long sanding and polishing process, distinguishing for their love for the handwork of materials.
Through the sophisticated combination of luxury design and innovative technology, we bring wireless charging to a whole new level.
Below some pictures showing the phases of the manufacturing process.

The result is evident in each of our products.

Woodie Hub

How its made - Hub

The Woodie Hub is our all-in-one charging station which combines innovative wireless charging technology, two Universal AC sockets and just has many fast-charging USB ports. It is available in six different models: light aluminum and dark aluminum; walnut wood and oak wood; carrara marble and guatemala marble.

You can also customize your Woodie Hub choosing the materials that best represent your company and having your brand name or logo printed or engraved on it. Customization are available on volumes.

Solo Wireless Charger

How its made- Solo

So incredibly small but so powerful, Solo Wireless Charger is available in dark carbon, light carbon, rosewood, teak wood and maple wood.

Woodie Power Bank

How its made - Powerbank and cover

The Woodie Wireless Power Bank is a portable battery not only stunning to look at but also super functional and easy to use. You can choose from different materials that make it unique in its kind: dark carbon, light carbon, rosewood, teak wood and maple wood.

Italian design and Wireless Charging Qi directly in your pocket.

Woodie Wireless iPhone Case

Our Wireless Cover allows you to finally charge wirelessly your iPhone 6, 7 and Plus versions. Choose your favourite finish between the dark carbon, light carbon, rosewood, teak wood and maple wood.

Protect your iPhone without compromising on style.

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