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The iPhone X finally supports wireless charging!

It’s finally here—fast wireless charging for your new iPhone. Our new iPhones—whether an iPhone 8, an iPhone 8 Plus, or an iPhone X—can now charge at faster speeds through a 7.5-watt rate Qi wireless charging platform, thanks to Apple’s iOS 11.2 release. Previously, iPhone X and the other newer iPhones could only charge at a 5-watt rate.

If you own a newer iPhone and want the faster charge rate, make sure you select a wireless charger capable of charging at a 7.5-watt rate. Not every charger can put out that rate, particularly the older ones. Make sure, too, that the charger is Qi-certified.

How to Charge Your New iPhone Wirelessly

After you find the right charger, here’s how you can charge your phone wirelessly. First, connect your wireless charger to a power source. Make sure that the power adapter you use is a manufacturer-approved model. Find a level surface on which you can set the charger.

Next, set your iPhone X or iPhone 8 on top of the charger, display screen up. Experts advise that placing your device in the middle of the Qi charger will yield better results. After a few seconds on top of the wireless charger, your iPhone should start to charge. Check your phone’s status bar to make sure it’s charging.

Troubleshooting Your iPhone’s Wireless Charger

• Magnetic interference: Because wireless charging depends on magnetic induction to work, don’t put anything between it and your phone. If you charge in your case, remove all the objects inside your case that the charging process can damage. Credit cards with RFID chips and magnetic strips, as well as chip-enabled passports, security badges, or key fobs all contain sensitive components that are vulnerable to damage.

• Case issues: If your phone charges too slowly or fails to charge at all, your case may be too thick or contain metal or electronic components. Remove the case and try again.

• Vibration: When your phone vibrates, it might move away from its original position. That may cause your charging mat to stop sending power to your phone. To avoid this scenario, turn off your phone’s vibration function or turn on “Do Not Disturb.”

• USB connection: When you connect your phone to your computer or a power adapter using a USB connection, your phone will not charge through the wireless charging mat. It will only charge through the USB connection. To charge it wirelessly, disconnect the USB cable.

• Other issues: Though it won’t hurt your iPhone, you may hear some soft noises as your phone is charging. If your iPhone gets too warm while it charges, the software will reduce its charging capacity to 80 percent to extend your battery’s lifespan. It may even stop charging altogether. After its temperature gets cooler, the charging process will start again. Move your phone and charger to a cooler spot to avert this issue altogether.

Now that you have the know-how to choose and use a new Qi-certified fast wireless charger for your iPhone X or iPhone 8, you can take advantage of this breakthrough technology.

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