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Wireless Case – Carbon Look Black


As Beautiful as It Is Functional

Check here if your smartphone is compatible with wireless charging

  • Iphone 6/7
  • Iphone 6/7 plus

The Carbon Look Black Woodie Case blends heritage materials of supreme quality into a contemporary design that carries the characteristic minimal Woodie Milano vibe. Precision-engineered to fit your iPhone to perfection, this case features shockproof TPU material around the perimeter and an ultra-durable carbon fiber exterior for 360-degree protection. The premium built-in wireless receiver patch delivers state-of-the-art, high-efficiency wireless charging — without ever having to remove the case.

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Tech Specs


Wireless Charging Qi (WPC 1..1)
– Input – DC 5V / 1A
– Output – DC 5V / 1A
– Conversion Efficiency – 80%

Plug&Play Full-Metal
Lighting Connector

Included in the packaging:
– iPhone Case
– Manual


Black TPU
Wood or Carbon-Fiber-Look


1 mm bigger than iPhone
2 mm thicker than iPhone

24 x 12,5 x 4 cm

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iphone wireless charging case wood erable cover front

How does wireless charging work?


In a nutshell, when electricity ‘travels’ through a copper wire, it provides an electromagnetic field. The inductive coil used for wireless charging has a special placement of copper wires to create a specific magnetic field. The magnetic field which is created by the sending coil (E.g. charging station) interacts with the receiving coil. In turn this magnetic field is turned into power by the receiving coil and then transferred to the device (E.g. mobile phone). In other words: Electricity – sender coil – magnetic field – receiving coil – electricity.


Is wireless charging safe for me and my phone?


Yes. Wireless charging works on electromagnetic fields, which means there will be no electricity flying through the air or anything. Additionally, any radiation is insignificantly little by nature and further lowered by the close proximity of the devices and the additional shielding in the Qi coil modules used.


How do I use the Woodie Wireless Cover to wirelessly charge my iPhone?


Simply wear the Woodie Wireless Cover on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 (or Plus versions) and place it on any Woodie Wireless Charger (Woodie Hub or Power Bank) or on any Qi-compatible charger. Wireless charging will automatically begin when the case is aligned on the charger.


What wireless chargers will work with my Woodie Wireless Cover?


The Woodie Wireless Cover is compatible with all Woodie products. It will also wirelessly charge the iPhone from any Qi-compatible wireless charger, and is compatible with other wireless charging technologies, such as those used at coffee houses, restaurants, in furniture with wireless charging, and in consumer vehicles that support wireless charging.


Does the Woodie Wireless Cover block the speaker, microphone, camera, or any other ports?


Nope. While it doesn’t block the speakers as we placed an opening to let sounds pass, the Lightning connector embedded on the Woodie Cover is plug&play. When you need to free your lightning port, simply unplug the connector without removing the iPhone from the Woodie Cover.


Are the wooden essences real or they just look like wood?


Our Covers are made absolutely with real wood. The feeling is absolutely natural, even the smell is authentic and you’ll fall in love with it.