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Carbon Look Black


The convenience of wireless charging on-the-go

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All the features you need

Made in Italy

Tech Specs


Battery Capacity:
- 3700 mAh
- Micro-USB Input 5V / 2A

Qi Wireless charging:
- Output 5V / 1A
- Efficiency: Up to 78%
- Qi Wireless Charge (WPC 1.1)

USB Port:
- 5V / 1A Output

Included in the packaging:
- Power Bank
- Micro-Usb Cable
- Magnetic patch
- Mounting templates for iPhone X,
iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus,
Samsung S7, S8, S8Plus


Wood or Carbon-Fiber-Look
Anodized Aluminium


11 x 6,5 x 1,1 cm

18 x 10 x 3 cm



How does wireless charging work?

In a nutshell, when electricity ‘travels’ through a copper wire, it provides an electromagnetic field. The inductive coil used for wireless charging has a special placement of copper wires to create a specific magnetic field. The magnetic field which is created by the sending coil (E.g. charging station) interacts with the receiving coil. In turn this magnetic field is turned into power by the receiving coil and then transferred to the device (E.g. mobile phone). In other words: Electricity – sender coil – magnetic field – receiving coil – electricity.

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