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How it’s Made

Our mission is to combine cutting edge technology with iconic design with unique materials sourced and crafted in Italy. To do so we created a valuable networ...
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The iPhone X supports wireless charging, finally.

It’s finally here—fast wireless charging for your new iPhone. Our new iPhones—whether an iPhone 8, an iPhone 8 Plus, or an iPhone X—can now charge at faster speeds th...
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Easy tips to extend to extend your phone’s battery

iPhone batteries aren’t built to last, so you need to extend them as much as possible. Especially after having your phone for a few months, you may need to work hard t...
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Phones with Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is slowly becoming the future of charging. There is nothing easier than just placing your phone on a charging pad, or power bank, and charge it as ...
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How made in Italy started in Bolivia

It all started with a road trip through Bolivia. For those unfamiliar with Bolivia, it is a beautiful country in South America, bordering Brazil, Peru, Chile and Par...
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The 5 biggest mistake we made while Crowdfunding

At the moment we had pressed the ‘go live’ button on our Kickstarter campaign, we were certain we had done everything right: A list of over 200 journalist was prepared...
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Wireless Charging explained

You’ve probably heard something about wireless charging already. More and more devices have come out which support this technology and allow you to charge your phone w...
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Everything we know about the iPhone 7

It’s still a while before Apple makes her new announced in the fall, but there is a lot of information and many rumours spreading quickly concerning the new iPhone 7...
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From visiting to suddenly exhibiting: How?

With October gone we see that the weather is growing colder again, even here in Milan, but it also means that we’ve seen Sia Guest in Milan again. This event is one of...
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Why are you using the same powerstrip as your grandfather?

As you can see very little has changed since 1929 (original patent) and nothing has changed since 1970 (original patent) in terms of the design of the power...
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